Continuing Education Center at Tishk International University have six levels of English Course which is (Starter, Elementary, Pre intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate and Advance) we have three different shifts (Morning, Afternoon and Evening) courses in the morning we have 4 days each day 4 lesson hours, in the afternoon we have 4 days each day 3 lesson hours and in the evening we have 4 days each day 3 lesson hours

English Preparation Proficiency course: this course for those students that will apply to TIU for new academic year they are going to take three weeks English course and the materials of this course is (General English) which is include (Reading , writing , listening and Speaking) skills.

The lessons scheduled into 60 lesson hours 5 days a week and 4 lesson hours a day totally 20 lesson hours in a week.

This course to be given by Mr. Hemin, Mr. Dana, Mrs. Zeynep

The aim of Proficiency course is to improve their English before taking the Proficiency exam also if the students passed from the exam they don’t need to study one year prep school.

The whole aim of CEC English courses is to give the participants an excellent language environment at university atmosphere to improve their linguistic and purposes.

The Course started 1st of October, 2021