English Language School

CEC provides English Language classes for students who did not pass the 12th-grade examinations successfully. In order to save time, students who would like to pursue their higher education may take this course in one academic year, and receive a Prepatory school certificate while attempting to repass the baccalaureate examinations.

Continuing Education Center arranges courses in various fields, particularly language courses, design courses programs, English language school, and more, to prove a resolution with our learner-focused instruction. CEC, which helps you with your academic needs, will offer educational services through numerous learning in every field of life. This is also a bridge that connects participants to necessary skills such as trading, education, travel, and other fields. Our objective is to give our participants an immersive language environment while throughout the course in a university atmosphere.

The aim of the Language school program is to consolidate the transversal skills that contribute to the complete growth of an individual:

  • Increase motivation in students
  • Increase academic success
  • Strengthen the educational function of school
  • Connect the school with the territory
  • Make the school become a center of aggregation
  • Stimulate the acquisition of an effective study method.
  • Allow the gradual development of a sense of responsibility and critical judgment
  • Promote the consolidation of language and communication skills in foreign languages ​​to facilitate enrolment in any national and international school
  • Create situations to allow the practical use of the language skills acquired in hands-on activities, games, and other forms of expression
  • Strengthen cross-language skills to learn about different cultures
  • Provide students with learning technologies and teach them their intelligent and purposeful use

The course teachers were introduced, and the rules and regulations of the center were explained. Samples of course books were delivered. Students were given a mini-seminar on physical distancing at school, practicing health and hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting tips for the classroom, and actions to take if a student appears to be infected.

This course was delivered by Mr. Hemin Hussein Mrs. Zeynep Nizar, Mr. Mohammed Farook , starting on the 1st of November 2021 and finished on 1st of June 2022.